Kiln Firing Service

Firing Service

 Getting your very own kiln can be very expensive. We want to support local art and ceramists and therefore offer a firing service in our Company Studio in Düsseldorf.

Please note that your pieces should always be marked from below so we know they are yours.
To avoid cracks and clay explosions, your sculptures should never be solid but always hollow from the inside.
And please check that the clay you use is a stoneware clay that can be fired at 1,200 degrees (high firing) and more.
You can also purchase stoneware clay from us.

You are welcome to bring and pick up your pieces for firing service WITHOUT an appointment any Saturday between 12pm-4pm.

The drop-off and pick-up location for the firing service is our Company Studio at Schinkelstr. 65 in 40211 Düsseldorf, Germany.


bisque firing (1st firing)
8€ / kilo bisqueware

Glaze Firing at approx. 1.220 degrees
Whole kiln shelf approx. 52cm for 35€*
Half kiln shelf approx. 26cm for 20€*
Quarter kiln shelf approx. 13cm for 15€*

Whole kiln glaze firing at desired temperature
for 160€.*

* Please note that we have to charge a cleanig fee of 20€ per kiln shelf if the kiln shelfs get damaged due to wrong glaze application during the glaze firings.