Kiln Firing Service


Since affording your first kiln can be a really big financial step, I want to support the local pottery community with offering a ceramic kiln firing service in my studio in Düsseldorf. In the studio I use an open top 190l Kittec Kiln.

Bisque Firing

Bisque firing to 950°C:

8€ per 1 kg of bisque ware. Pieces get weight after the first firing.

Glaze Firing

Firing to aprox 1200°C:

Whole kiln shelf (  ⌀ 52cm ) 35€*

Half of a kiln shelf (  ⌀ 26cm ) 20€*

A quarter of a kiln shelf (  ⌀ 13cm ) 15€*

Whole Kiln Rent:

Renting a whole kiln can be a good option  if a specific temperatur is needed or if the ceramic pieces are very large.

Whole Kiln Rent 160€*

* Please note that we have to charge a cleanig fee of 20€ per kiln shelf if the kiln shelfs get damaged due to wrong glaze application during the glaze firings.