Cloud Cup Lychee

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Medium sized soft curved cup.

Fits loads of coffee, tea or whatever you prefer. 

General Product Information

Every piece is thrown on the pottery wheel and made out of stoneware clay. 

All pieces are fired at over 1200°C, which makes them food safe, dishwasher safe and also oven safe.

To avoid breakage and to give them a longer lifespan, I however recommend handwashing.

Since every piece is handmade and one of a kind, little variation in size, shape or color might be possible.
But trust me, I always try to give a realistic image of every piece.
All indications of size are approximately. 

Size and Dimensions

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appx. 9,5 cm x 8,5 cm
fits 400ml

Product Details

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 Wheelthrown cup with  footring made of smooth white stoneware clay. 

Curved cup  fully glazed in a combination of a soft matt red to beige glaze and a white glaze on the rim.
Due to the matt glaze the inside of the cup might feel a bit rough.