Custom Order

You wish to order a full tableware set for your home?
Just drop me an email and we will talk about the possibilities.

Check below for an overview and pricing of all vavailable pieces.

Please note: Custom orders are only possible for orders from 6 pieces and more. For single purchases please use my shop updates.

I am always happy to help making your dream dinnerware set come to life.

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Dinnerware Pieces

All products are 100% handmade, thrown on a potters wheel, glazed and fired to over 1200 degrees. They are dishwasher proof, can go into the microwave and oven.

Below you can find possible glaze options for your set.
If you wish for something special, please let me know.

Frosty Cinnamon








Breakfast Plate
   approx. 19cm
36€ p.P. + shipping

Dinner Plate
   approx. 25cm
42€ p.P. + shipping

Breakfast Bowl
 approx. 12,5cm x 7,5cm
40€ p.P. + shipping

Pasta Bowl
approx. 19cm x 6,5 cm
48€ p.P. + shipping

Espresso Cup
approx. 7cm x 5cm
fits 80ml
22€ + shipping

Cappuccino Cup
approx. 8,5cm x 6cm
fits 200 ml
27€ + shipping

Cloud Cup
approx. 9cm x 8cm
fits 400ml
35€ + shipping

Tulip Mug
approx. 11cm x 8cm
fits 500ml
48€ + shipping

Dog & Cat Bowls

Since it can be a real struggle to find the perfect bowl for your furry best friend, I offer to custom make you the perfect dog or cat bowl.
I offer 5 diffrent sizes to choose from for your pet.

All bowls come in a real classic shape with a straight up rim.
For cats I offer a plate like dish, with a shallow and flat rim.

Cat Plate - Ø 11 cm, 22€

XS - Ø 10 cm, 24€
S - Ø 13 cm, 28€
M - Ø 16 cm, 36€
L - Ø 20 cm, 44€

If you wish to order, please send me an email.