Taste Class

Our taste classes take 3 hours and happen on diffrent days during the week. The class is seperated in two parts. For the first 1,5 hours you will be introduced to the art of throwing clay on the potters wheel and can use the time to practice what you learned. The second part is for trimming your thrown pieces after we blowtried them with a heat gun. During the whole time we will be there to answer any questions and offer a helping hand. All pieces you create will be glazed by us in a color of your choice  and are ready for pick up around 3 weeks after the class.

Two Day Workshop

The two Day Workshops take 6,5 hours splitted in three days (3h saturday, 3h sunday, 0,5h glazing evening). On day 1 you will be introduced into throwing on the potters wheel and you'll have time to practice and produce your ceramic pieces. We will blowdry your pieces so you re able to trim them right away. Day 2 is for practicing what you learned on day 1, so more  independent throwing and trimming.  On day 3 you will get a introduction on glazing with the dip and pour technic. You will be able to choose between a variety of diffrent glazes and are free to combine them as you wish. All pieces will be ready for pick around 3 weeks after the workshop.

Ceramic Event

We offer ceramic events for groups up to 15 people, so its the perfect activity for bachelor partys, birthdays, company events or family get-togethers.

The event takes up to 2,5 hours and is focused on the handbuilding technique. With our hands and a variety of tools we will be creating beautiful ceramic pieces like bowls, plates, candleholders, spoons or soap dishes. You as a group can pick a glaze and we will glaze your pieces for you. 3-4 weeks after the event your pieces will be ready for pick up or shipping. All pieces are dishwasher and mircowave proof.


Please find more informations, dates and special classes over on the website of my community studio THE CLAY COMPANY.

Beside the pottery workshops, I also offer monthly studio memberships.
Can't wait to welcome you there.

(classes and community studio is located in Wielandstr. 52, 40211 Düsseldorf)